Adult Primary Care

New Windsor Family Care

At New Windsor Pediatrics and Family care we are proud to provide adult medical care. Our adult medicine is headed by Dr. Ariel Pedoeem, a dedicated family physician who is committed to providing exceptional healthcare services to patients of all ages. With a focus on adult care, Dr. Ariel Pedoeem offers a comprehensive range of medical services, including primary care, preventative medicine, and urgent care.

What sets Dr. Ariel Pedoeem apart is his unwavering dedication to holistic and compassionate care. He believes in treating patients not only as individuals with medical needs but also as unique human beings with emotional and personal concerns. Dr. Pedoeem’s approach combines medical expertise with a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, recognizing that optimal health encompasses more than just physical well-being.

With an emphasis on preventative medicine, Dr. Pedoeem takes the time to educate his patients on healthy lifestyle choices, empowering them to take charge of their own well-being. By addressing underlying issues and focusing on long-term health goals, he helps patients build a solid foundation for a healthier future.

In times of urgency, Dr. Pedoeem’s expertise in urgent care ensures that patients receive prompt attention and the highest level of medical support. Whether it’s a sudden illness or an unforeseen injury, he remains calm and composed, providing exceptional bedside manner while delivering swift and effective treatment.

Treatment of chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, COPD, asthma, headaches, depression, anxiety, arthritis, obesity, eczema, thyroid disease, acid reflux, rashes and much more.

Treatment of acute and urgent conditions such as asthma/COPD exacerbations, acute bronchitis treatment of flu, infections, stomach flu,hives, rashes, COVID, colds, viral infections, abscess, lacerations, suturing, fevers, injuries and more

Throughout every interaction, Dr. Pedoeem demonstrates respect, kindness, and empathy towards his patients. He creates a comfortable environment where individuals feel heard, understood, and cared for. With his excellent communication skills, he ensures that patients are well-informed about their conditions, treatment options, and any necessary lifestyle modifications.

When you choose New Windsor Pediatrics and Family Care as your family physician, you can trust that you are in capable hands. We are committed to holistic care, combined with extensive medical knowledge and compassionate demeanor, makes us an outstanding healthcare clinic. Experience the difference in healthcare with us and embark on a journey towards better health and well-being.

Schedule your appointment today and discover the compassionate and holistic care that Dr. Ariel Pedoeem and our medical practice provide. Your health is our priority, and we look forward to accompanying you on your path to wellness.

Dr. Ariel Pedoeem,

Dr. Ariel Pedoeem D.O is known for providing personalized, comprehensive, compassioante care to his patients. He completed his undergradute education at Rutgers University, went to Medical school at Touro in NYC and completed his Family Medicine residency in Binghamton, NY. During his residency Dr. Pedoeem was a leader among his peers and awarded several awards including resident of the year and awards for outstanding clinical excellence. During residency Dr. Pedoeem was respected by his peers and fellow doctors for his hard work ethic, clinical acumen and medical knowledge. Dr. Pedoeem believes in engaging each patient through a holistic approach while providing individualized and evidence-based care. Dr. Pedoeem specialzes in many different procedural skills such as ultrasound guided procedures, joint injections, skin biopsy, cryotherapy, acne extraction, treatment of hyperthrophic scarring/keloids, osteopathic manipulative medicine, and more. Dr Pedoeem takes pride in his hard work and determination and always places compassionate care first. During his free time Dr Pedoeem enjoys traveling with his family and wonderful wife, Rivka, who is also a health coach. His favorite vacation spots are the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Israel, Disney World, and Acadia National Park. His favorite foods are coffee, coffee, and coffee! He is always looking for the next best cup.