Pediatric Asthma and Allergy Care


As children age some ailments become more apparent and New Windsor Pediatrics is here to help.  Some symptoms are frequently mistaken for a cold. We are here seven days a week to accurately assess your child’s symptoms and put them on a treatment plan so the child and family learn to overcome utilizing diet changes, exercise suggestion and medication.

Common Asthma Symptoms are
• Persistent coughing.
• Whistling or wheezing
• Shortness of breath.
• Tight chest or congestion.

Asthma Assessment and Treatment
• Spirometry
• Peak flow
• Pulse Oximetry
• Inhalation/Nebulizer training and treatments
• Asthma plan Learn More »

Alergies can manifest at any time in life.  For younger children you will have to watch out for symptoms…. Although pollen causes the most common there are a lot more allergies a parent should be aware of (especially in younger children). The most common allergies are drug, food, contact, latex, seasonal, animal and mold.  New  Windsor Pediatrics is equipped to properly test for all allergies, diagnose, and create a treatment plan bringing comfort to your child.

Common Allergy Symptoms are
• Hives or rashes – skin irritation  
• Trouble  breathing (asthma)
• Sneezing and  coughing
• Runny nose and/or  itchy eyes.
• Stomach aches

If these symptoms persist please utilize our walk in availability or call (845) 562-2191